Spiralation Program


About Spiralation Program

“Spiralation” – Tech Startup Support Program, an initiative of the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, the apex ICT institution of the Government of Sri Lanka focuses on supporting new technology entrepreneurs. The program includes, but not limited to, seed funding, training, networking sessions, encouragement programmes, hackathons, and business promotion opportunities to breech market gaps locally and internationally. The goal of Spiralation is to promote, encourage and support technology related entrepreneurship and innovation within Sri Lanka.

Since the inception in 2010, Spiralation has supported more than 90 startups across multiple industry verticals such as health, finance, agriculture, education and logistics providing more than 500 job opportunities in the industry. It has been giving an exposure to 30+ countries international market and several of these startups have also gone internationally. Partnered with key organizations of the ecosystem in both private and public sectors and armed with a very good resource people panel, it came across a very successful journey that has been achieved more than 80% success rate of incubated startups so far.

Spiralation providing a no equity seed fund maximum of LKR 1.5 Mn for tech startups. In addition, selected applicants will receive other benefits including capacity development, training, business mentoring including both technical and managerial competencies through workshops, global and local exposure, etc. New start-ups (registered or looking to register) and registered companies which are less than 5 years in existence are eligible to



Seed Funding

Selected startups will receive upto LKR 1.5 Million in seed funding.


All startups in the program will receive comprehensive technical and business trainings to take their business to the next level.

The training program including following workshops but not limited to:

  • Lean Canvas Model Development
  • Finance, Compliance and Business Architecture for startups
  • Company Shares And Related Matters
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Understanding The Investor Mindset
  • Security Essentials
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI/UX- Problem Framing for Startups

Depending on the applicants who get selected for the cohort, further trainings and workshops will be organized by Spiralation as per the requirements of the cohort.

Market Access

All startups will receive market access opportunities locally and internationally during and even after the end of the program.

Startups will be given priority when taking part in global market access programs and partnership programs led by government initiatives.

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